Update from Living Memory Historical Association (also know as Bill Irving’s Air Raid Shelter)

We are pleased to announce that Living Memory has been awarded £2,000 in the Tesco’s blue token scheme. Many thanks to all members, and their wives, who contributed to our gaining second place. Unfortunately, under the rules of the award, we aren’t supposed to use it towards the £4,000 rent increase to be imposed by the CDC from January 2019.

We are still collecting mobile phones and printer cartridges which is a useful money raiser.

Any Christmas presents bought from Amazon please use our Living Memory Historical Association link to Amazon Smile.

3 thoughts on “Update from Living Memory Historical Association (also know as Bill Irving’s Air Raid Shelter)”

  1. This is an absolute disgrace but is also typical for Cotswold District Council.All the charities should have some dispensation with rates. The business rates totally discourage local business and are the reason why we have so many empty premises in the town.

    1. Thank you for your support Richard. To update you we are still negotiating with CDC over our rent. No outcome yet. We wait in hopes of reduction. Regards..Bill.

  2. Dear members,
    Living Memory (the air raid shelter)has just been awarded a £500 donation from the team who arrange the big steam fair at South Cerney airfield each year. ThIs was only part of the £25,000 SVTEC gave away from the proceeds of their 2018 show after expenses. If you haven’t been to one of their shows it’s a great day out and all run by volunteers. Look out for details in local press.

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