Stewards and Hosts

Stewards should be at the Parish Rooms in time to have coffee ready by 09.45. They should decide between themselves who will provide the milk and who will top up the biscuit store (if necessary). Shortly before 10.30, they should have washed up and tidied up and returned the supplies box to the cupboard. They should hand the key to the following week’s  stewards and let them know if any supplies (coffee, sugar, biscuits) are required. The general convention is that the cost of coffee and sugar will be met by the Club with the stewards providing the milk and biscuits.


Date Steward Steward Host
05-01-18  Ron Jeffrey  Phil Hardy  Not Required (QUIZ)
12-01-18  Peter Seymour Percy Campbell  Not Required
19-01-18 Bill Irving Richard Dickinson  Not Required (AGM)
26-01-18 Alan Lewis Richard Paige  Andy Bernard
02-02-18 Terry Hardie Don Croot  Alan Lewis
09-02-18 Cliff Hilditch Tony Curry  Not Required
16-02-18 David Vessey Tony Hutchinson  Richard Paige
23-02-18 Frank Beer Alan Moss  John Lamus
 02-03-18  Paul Deamer    Bill Irving
 09-03-18  Bill Irving Phil Hardy  Phil Hardy
 16-03-18  Richard Paige  Peter Rowe  David Vessey
 23-03-18  Malcolm Lewis  Roy Harman  John Lamus
 30-03-18  Good Friday No meeting  
 06-04-18      Paul Deamer
13-04-18  Ron Jeffrey Cliff Hilditch Peter Payne
20-04-18 Richard Dickinson    Cliff Sloman
27-04-18 Richard Paige Ron Jeffrey Not Required
04-05-18 Terry Hardie Huw Morgan  
11-05-18  Bill Irving Alan Moss  Huw Morgan
18-05-18  Spring Lunch    
 25-05-18  Phil Hardy Alan Moss  
 01-06-18  Paul Deamer Richard Paige  Cliff Hilditch
 08-06-18  Andy Bernard Tony Hutchinson  
22-6-18 Phil Hardy
29-6-18 Richard Paige Elwyn Roberts
6-7-18 Denis Spindler
13-7-18 Cliff Sloman Cliff Hilditch Huw Morgan
20-7-18 Andy Bernard
27-7-18 Phil Hardy
3-8-18 N/A
10-8-18 Richard Paige
17-8-18 Roy Harman
24-8-18 Andy Bernard Phil Hardy
31-8-18 Elwyn Roberts Alan Moss Terry Hardie
7-9-18 N/A
14-9-18 Bill Irving