Old printer cartridges and mobile phones?

Bill Irving has asked that if anyone has any empty printer cartridges, or old mobile phones, could you please give them to him as they can be recycled for the Air Raid Shelter charity.  Please ensure the SIM card is removed from any old phones.

5 thoughts on “Old printer cartridges and mobile phones?”

  1. Thank you for the phone and printer cartridges donations. We can always take more.
    I have a local art group visiting the shelter at 2pm on Wednesday 7th March. They are planning an exhibition to celebrate 100 years of the R.A.F. later in the year. Any former member of the R.A.F. who would like to join them to answer any questions they may have would be most welcome. They will probably stay about two hours.

    1. Bill,
      We spoke. Will try to be there. Any idea what they are after from us? (Is it ideas, experiences, photos…..?)
      Peter S

      1. Good morning Peter,
        If you have photos or RAF related artefacts I’m sure the group would like to see them. Your experience of RAF service would also be interesting to them..and to me. There will only be about 6 of them,but we may find other people wandering in as we will be open. If you could make it that would be great,but don’t change other plans you may have on that day. You may find our displays,especially our object from RAF Kemble of interest too.

  2. Gentleman…just a thank you from Living Memory..the air raid shelter..to say that our last printer cartridges cheque was £19:50. Most of this came from Probus members’ donated cartridges and old mobiles. Thank you again.

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