Do you have any ideas?

Please put any suggestions you may have about the club in the Comments section below.

15 thoughts on “Do you have any ideas?”

  1. Lets have hosts for our own speakers also, perhaps some of the older statesmen might like to do it?

  2. Vacancies
    Who will stand as Secretary and Assistant to the club plus back up for Andy on Social?

  3. Appeal to all Probus mobile phone users leave your phones at home or make sure they are switched off in meetings it is very bad manners towards the speaker

  4. It would be nice if this space could be used for sensible ideas if any. Best wishes to all for the festive season and 2018.

  5. I rather agree with Richard. Perhaps we need a ‘Chatter’ section for amusement, even if it means that the ‘Good Ideas’ section dries up.

    1. Thank you Simon. A good humoured chatter section would be very welcome. In the present climate we could all benefit from a laugh or two🙂👍

  6. A recent U3A magazine included an interesting article about the benefits of playing table tennis in one’s latter years. It appears that there is no great interest in Cirencester U3A, but I wondered if there were a few Probus members who might be interested in pursuing this.
    Dennis Spindler

    1. Will contact the Ashcroft Church for you they have a Ping Pong meeting Tuesday afternoon upstairs room


      1. The Ashcroft Centre every Tuesday afternoon 2pm £1 per session

  7. Some good ideas from Peter Seymour:
    There have been recent trawls for both speakers and social events and the following suggestions cover both. Anyway, you might find the ideas worth mulling over. You may notice a slant towards the RAF for the major outings, but I thought it is only fair, given this is the centenary year of the founding of the RAF!

    Local Outings and talks:

    Chedworth Roman Villa. Close to Ciren and has had a major revamp by the NT and has a visitor centre and lecture room. Perhaps a morning visit with a talk from one of their people, followed by an informal lunch at the 7Tuns, Chedworth?
    Similar to the above, but closer to “home”. Perhaps a visit to the Corinium Museum preceded by a talk by one of their archaeologists? They might have a collection of artefacts not normally open to the public they would let us see/handle. Round off with lunch together in town.

    Social Events:

    Coach to the RAF Museum, Hendon. (
    Coach to the RAF and Cold War Museum at Cosford. (Not just RAF and the Cold War Museum is relevant to all!) Once a year they have a special opening of their restoration centre. Has a particularly good cafe. (
    Visit Oxford and have a guided tour of the Ashmolean and/or the Bodleian Library. Round off with a river trip, perhaps to Wallingford. Lunch or tea.
    Coach to visit and guided tour of Bletchley Park. (

  8. Later in the year looking for members to give a ten minute talk on “What I did in the war”
    Please let me know
    First one to answer re taking part
    Dennis Spindler we need a further four please

    1. I would be happy to contribute ten minutes on ‘Wartime at school’ to go along with a few others who actually served.
      Dennis Spindler

  9. Many thanks to Richard for the mobile phone offer.
    I was born in 1943,but have some family stories of WWII.
    I can offer a private,out of season visit to Living Memory’s air raid shelter museum with some recently donated artefacts.
    Great ideas from Peter. Jane and I would be interested in those.

  10. Well done Dennis now playing Table Tennis again at the Ashcroft Tuesday afternoons any body keen to do have doubles team?

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